Bundeswehr Acquires TanDEM-X Global Elevation Model
Published 11/24/2015

Airbus Defence and Space and the German Ministry of Defence have signed a contract for the utilisation of TanDEM-X mission data, to update the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of the Bundeswehr. The...

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DMCii Analyse New Wildfire Burn Scar in Brazil
Published 11/05/2015

In recent months, wildfires have been destroying vast areas of forest in Brazil. While much of this activity is concentrated in the north-eastern state of Maranhão, DMCii has been monitoring wild...

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Other news

SPOT 6/7 Complete Coverage Over South Africa in Just 3 Months

Published 08/18/2015

Free Provision of TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X Data for Government Studies and Professional Training in Canada

Published 08/05/2015

TerraSAR-X satellite feeding of Copernicus Data Warehouse extended until 2020

Published 07/31/2015

Satellites Support Crop Yield Estimations in Turkey

Published 07/22/2015

Airbus Defence and Space Enables Clients to Take Full Control of their Data

Published 07/13/2015

Airbus Defence and Space and Spectrum conduct a joint analysis of hydrocarbon potential in Ireland’s Porcupine Basin

Published 05/28/2015

Airbus Defense and Space and Hexagon Geospatial Partner to Provide Access to Data in Smart Applications

Published 05/26/2015

Airbus Defense and Space Enters the Field of Precision Farming with Pléiades Satellites in the U.S.

Published 04/30/2015

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