Airbus Defence and Space and Spectrum Geo produce a joint oil seep and seismic correlation study for the Adriatic Sea
Published 10/22/2014

Airbus Defence and Space and seismic multi-client acquisition and imaging specialists Spectrum Geo, have produced a joint study correlating natural oil seeps identified from radar and optical sat...

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Airbus Defence and Space and Exelis Partner to Provide ENVI Users Integrated Access to Imagery and Services
Published 10/06/2014

Airbus Defence and Space and Exelis are teaming up to provide users of ENVI image analysis software an exclusive, limited time voucher offer for new imagery as well as easy access to the Airbus D...

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Airbus Defence and Space selected for UK Ministry of Justice electronic tagging programme
Published 08/13/2014

Advanced mapping and monitoring capabilities developed by Airbus Defence and Space will be used to track high-risk and repeat offenders in the community in England and Wales.

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Other news

Airbus Defense and Space and Esri Take Satellite Imagery Services to a Premium Level

Published 07/15/2014

Open Access to Airbus Defense and Space Enhanced Satellite Imagery Now Available for ArcGIS Online Users Worldwide

Published 07/11/2014

First images from SPOT 7 satellite within three days after launch

Published 07/04/2014

Airbus Defence and Space: SPOT 7 launch preparation

Published 06/23/2014

Airbus Defence and Space partners with BAE Systems on Radar Satellite Imagery

Published 05/26/2014

Airbus Defence and Space wins innovation award for image portal

Published 05/21/2014

Airbus Defense and Space sets new accuracy and quality standards for global elevation models with WorldDEM™ launch

Published 04/16/2014

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