Eruption of a volcano in the Tonga archipelago

Pléiades captures the birth of a new island.


Looking Back on an Eventful Year

Yanqi Lake Development Work, China

Before and after views with Pléiades

Now Available: WorldDEM Data on all Continents

Unmatched DEM product in term of details, coverage and accuracy

In addition to data for North America, Australia & Russia, large parts of South America & Africa are also available.

Exclusive Voucher Offer for ENVI Users

Airbus Defence and Space & Exelis partner to make data access easy

Users of Exelis’ ENVI software benefit from free imagery and easy access to Airbus Defence and Space’s data archives.

Surface Movement Monitoring with TerraSAR-X

TerraSAR-X helps ensure the safe implementation of construction projects

Discover how TerraSAR-X provides information for the construction of the Hochmosel bridge in a landslide-prone area.