GEO Elevation Services

Whether planning an infrastructure network, conducting a military intervention mission in unknown terrains, or analysing terrain features for oil and gas exploration: accurate terrain height information is critical.

Precise and reliable elevation data supports a wide range of applications and forms the foundation of any accurate geospatial product.

With five core product levels GEO Elevation simplifies access and use of elevation data and provides exactly the right models for all project requirements.

GEO Elevation - Supreme 3D Excellence
What You Get
  • Elevation data matched to individual business need: large area coverage for large scale projects vs. high level of accuracy for local coverage
  • Rapid on-demand delivery of high precision elevation data anywhere in the world
  • All products framed to individual Area of Interest with
    optimised pricing per km²
  • Based on spaceborne optical and radar technologies

The scope of delivery can be adapted to individual needs by choosing to add a set of auxiliary layers or corresponding orthorectified images to the input data. Highly developed digital data processing flow line and a large production capacity allow for unique time and cost-efficient production and delivery.

  • Elevation30: unique 3D geographic reference database covering > 80 Mio km²
  • WorldDEM™ is the global elevation dataset of unprecedented quality, accuracy and coverage - available from 2014
  • Elevation8: from stereo and tri-stereo data - for mapping, hydrology and exploration
  • Elevation4 and Elevation1: highly detailed elevation information for local projects.

If you are interested in our heritage Elevation10 products please contact us.

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Did You Know?

The GEO Elevation product range provides highly accurate terrain knowledge for versatile applications ranging from high-quality image orthorectification and multi-scale mapping production all the way to exploration of natural resources and air traffic control. See some application examples in our use cases: