A Cost-Effective Solution for Rapid Coverage and Frequent Revisit of Large Areas
DEIMOS-1 Satellite

Airbus Defence and Space adds DMC Constellation products to the overall satellite imagery portfolio. The key asset is more comprehensive 22m resolution & wide swath imagery, captured by DMC-2 and DEIMOS-1 optical satellites.  This opens new perspectives to our users for the development of operational services in various markets, such as Agriculture, Environment or Forestry.

  • Rapid cloud-free coverages
  • Seamless compatibility with Landsat ETM+
  • 650-km wide swath and very large images (i.e. 650 x 1,300 km)
  • Very frequent revisit worldwide (1-2 days for mid-latitude locations)
  • DMC-2 and DEIMOS-1 are intercalibrated twin satellites
  • Large daily collection capacity (>10,000,000 Km2/day)
  • Near-real-time capacity
  • Competitive pricing

The DMC Twins: 22m Products

DMC and DEIMOS-1 deliver responsive, high-resolution Earth imaging products and services from coordinated satellites specialised in rapidly programmed campaigns to meet your needs for up-to-date imagery.

Ideal for agriculture, forest mapping, land cover, disaster monitoring, classification, change detection.

Key Features

DEIMOS-1 Satellite Image - Poyang Lake

DEIMOS-1 Satellite Image - Poyang Lake, Jiangxi province, China - ©2010-DEIMOS IMAGING

Swath 650 km 650 km
Spectral Bands 3 bands (R, G, NIR) 3 bands (R, G, NIR)
Revisit 3-4 days for mid-latitude 3-4 days for mid-latitude
1-2 days for mid-latitude (Two satellites)
Quantisation 10 bit 10 bit
Tasking Standard or priority modes Standard or priority modes
Priority Service 24/7 service 24/7 service
Direct Reception Service More info VRS (Virtual Receiving Station)
Unless a user specifically selects one satellite, the availability of capacity will determine the choice. If a satellite tasking is requested, the most suitable sensor will be programmed



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