Hosting and data management

We understand that the value of the data is in its efficient use to derive business answers. As such we understand that managing data efficiently saves money.

We can implement data standards, validations and metadata regimes. We undertake routine data maintenance, application of updates and change analysis, and provide information storage, security and serving, thus saving significant management overheads. 

End-to-end spatial software solutions to deliver business answers

Hosting and data

We have expertise in developing end to end spatial software solutions to solve business requirements and deliver business solutions.

We also specialise in land and asset management systems; data storage, retrieval, analysis and dissemination systems tailored to meet your requirements.

Our solutions enable data discovery and dissemination within organisations, and via internet solutions, we provide spatial data infrastructure (SDI) solutions from conceptual design to full implementation. We deliver data marts, subscription services and data delivery both off-line and on-line.

We pride ourselves in providing a total solution to the client, offering the most extensive range of knowledge, services and solutions currently available, these include:

  • Geospatial data management services

  • Geospatial data hosting services

  • Geospatial web applications

  • Datadoors software


Unique capabilities to deliver your project

We are not just a software supplier, consultancy house or service provider. Astrium Services is:

  • One of the largest commercial suppliers of geospatial data
  • A major data processing house
  • An expert on database creation, data cleansing and quality assurance
  • A major provider of independent software development
  • A geo-data software development expert for desktops, servers and the web
  • Europe’s largest commercial geospatial hosting company
  • Thus, we are able to respond to clients needs irrespective of whether the requirements are data, software, system or service based.

Thus, we are able to respond to clients needs irrespective of whether the requirements are data, software, system or service based. Furthermore, we have a level of technology independence far in excess of any other supplier in the field. This allows us to collaborate with clients without bias to suggest a specific solution.


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Did you know?

Astrium Services runs the largest commercial geospatial hosting centre in Europe. The facilities include a number of features that make them especially resilient and suitable for hosting geo-data services reliably.