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WorldDEM™ Sample Data now Available for Evaluation and Testing

Airbus Defence and Space provides free WorldDEM sample data sets - both Digital Surface and Digital Terrain Models - for customers to perform a detailed assessment of the suitability of WorldDEM data for varied applications. The sample data also facilitates the testing of the DEM product in the data users’ data management environment.

With the commercial launch of the WorldDEM DTM product, the WorldDEM™ portfolio is now complete and Airbus Defence and Space can deliver you surface as well as terrain height information for any spot on Earth. Explore how the WorldDEM™ products can support your projects - download our free sample DSM and DTM of the same area now!

WorldDEM™ of Oxford, United Kingdom

WorldDEM™ DSM - Oxford, UK

Digital Surface Model

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WorldDEM™ DTM - Oxford, UK

Digital Terrain Model

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The WorldDEM covers the City of Oxford, located in the South East region of England, and parts of the Cotswolds. Oxford, the “City of Dreaming Spires”, is famous the world over for its University and place in history. For over 800 years, it has been a home to royalty and scholars. The region is covered by urban area, forest and grassland and includes parts of the Cotswolds Hills with a height range from 45m to 180m. The predominantly rural landscape with the meadows of the upper Thames contains stone-built villages, historical towns and stately homes and gardens. 

WorldDEM™ of Rapid City, South Dakota, USA

WorldDEM™ DSM of Rapid City, South Dakota, USA

Digital Surface Model

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WorldDEM™ DTM of Rapid City, South Dakota, USA

Digital Terrain Model

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The WorldDEM™ - provided as Surface as well as Terrain Model - shows Rapid City located on the Eastern edge of the Black Hills in South Dakota, USA. The area is characterised by moderate to hilly terrain with elevations ranging from 927m to 1,765m.
The discovery of gold at the end of the 19th century brought a mass influx of settlers into this region and it is famous for its tourism. The neighboring Black Hills mountain range features the popular tourist attraction of Mount Rushmore.

Further WorldDEM™ Digital Surface Model Samples are available for:


WorldDEM Sample - Quintana, Uruguay

Quintana, Uruguay

The WorldDEM shows a rural area between the two very small villages of Quintana and Fernández in the Salto and Tacuarembo Departments in the North-Western part of Uruguay.
The elevation range of the moderate terrain is between 160m to 425m.
The highlight of the topography is the river Rio Arapey Grande, which is one of the most important rivers of Uruguay. The main characteristic of the river areas are the forested river shore lines.

Download Quintana Sample DEM

WorldDEM Sample - Yakeshi, China

Yakeshi, China

The WorldDEM of Yaskeshi is located in the autonomous region Inner Mongolia in the People’s Republic of China
The elevation range within this hilly terrain ranges from 633m to 998m.

The diverse topography with urban and agriculture infrastructures and forested areas is characteristic for the city’s economy, which is based on forestry industry, traditional Chinese medicines and farming.

Download Yakeshi Sample DEM

WorldDEM Sample Data - Sutherland, South Africa

Sutherland, South Africa

The WorldDEM of Sutherland in the Northern Cape Province in South Africa shows a hilly to mountainous with elevation ranging from 366m to 1,842m.

The topography is characterised by the Roggeveld Mountain range which is part of the Large Karoo. Only a few small villages and towns are scattered around in the remote territory.

Sutherland's arid climate and remote location make its night skies among the world's clearest and darkest, the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT), the largest single optical telescope in the southern hemisphere, is installed here.

Download Sutherland Sample DEM

Airbus Defence and Space can make further WorldDEM™ sample data available upon request.

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