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WorldDEM™ Sample Data now Available for Evaluation and Testing
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Airbus Defence and Space provides WorldDEM sample data sets - for customers to perform a detailed assessment of the suitability of WorldDEM data for varied applications. The sample data also facilitates the testing of the DEM product in the data users’ data management environment.

DEMs Illustrate Diverse Geographical Features

The samples indicate the quality and level of detail of the WorldDEM product and are available for

The sample data provided is the edited Digital Surface Model with assured hydrological consistency (i.e. flattening of water bodies, consistent flow of rivers, editing of shoreline). 

WorldDEM Sample Data - Sutherland, South Africa

Sutherland, South Africa

The WorldDEM of Sutherland in the Northern Cape Province in South Africa shows a hilly to mountainous with elevation ranging from 366m to 1,842m.

The topography is characterised by the Roggeveld Mountain range which is part of the Large Karoo. Only a few small villages and towns are scattered around in the remote territory.

Sutherland's arid climate and remote location make its night skies among the world's clearest and darkest, the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT), the largest single optical telescope in the southern hemisphere, is installed here.

Download Sutherland Sample DEM

WorldDEM Sample Data - Quorn, Australia

Quorn, Australia

The WorldDEM area South of the city of Quorn in South Australia, Australia shows a diversified terrain with elevation ranging from 9m to 968m.

The topography is characterised by a large valley with agriculture infrastructure (wheat production) in the Eeastern part and hilly relief in the western part of the sample.

Download Quorn Sample DEM

WorldDEM Sample Data - Port Lincoln, Australia

Port Lincoln, Australia

This WorldDEM sample shows the Eyre Peninsula with the city Port Lincoln in South Australia, Australia. The triangular peninsula is bordered in the East by Spencer Gulf, the West by the Great Australian Bight and in the North by the Gawler Rangers. The landscape shows a moderate terrain with agriculture infrastructure, mining and aquaculture and an elevation range from 0 to 426m. The Southern part is dominated by large coastal areas with sheltered water and beaches.

Download Port Lincoln Sample DEM

WorldDEM Sample Data - Holland, Michigan, U.S.A.

Holland, Michigan, USA

This WorldDEM sample is located South of the city of Holland in Michigan State, USA.

The topography is characterised by moderate terrain with elevation ranging from 263m to 363m. The area is characterised by a mixture of agricultural land and build-up area. Two large rivers and several small lakes can be found in the area.


Download Holland Sample DEM

Airbus Defence and Space can make further intermediate DEMs available upon request.

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WorldDEM™ Sample Data

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